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Zanzibar Tourism Commission Investigates Allegation by Nigerian Tourist

The Zanzibar Tourism commission investigates the allegation by Nigerian Tourist Zainab Oladehinde.
On Saturday, Oladehinde posted her terrifying encounter at the Beach Hotel Nungwi in Zanzibar, Tanzania, on Twitter. Despite locking the door to her hotel room, she said she was sexually attacked by a stranger.
The young lady said that the stranger had almost raped her.


“Around 12:00 am, a few friends and family called to wish me a happy birthday, and then I went back to my room to sleep,” she posted on Twitter.

I began to feel a strange hand stroking my breast a few hours into my slumber.
“Now, this was me sleeping naked in my hotel room with my doors locked, so it was certainly a dream.”
I told myself that and went back to sleep after a few minutes.
“I started massaging someone’s penis with my hands.” “I opened my eyes at this point to see if it was all a dream or if I was in real danger.” It wasn’t a dream, after all. At 2:00 a.m. in my hotel room, a naked man was lying on my bed and molesting me!

“When he began calling me “baby,” I became frightened since the room was dark because I had turned off the lights before going to bed. I was terrified at this point.” “Who are you?” I asked. However, all he said was “baby, baby.” I requested in a louder tone this time since I was getting furious, and he quickly jammed his hands over my mouth to prevent me from yelling.
“I was really terrified at this point since I had no idea who this person was or why he was in my room.”

“So I kept begging him and telling him I’d let him have sex with me as long as he got a condom so he wouldn’t get HIV,” she continued, ” I noticed how he reacted to the word “HIV,” therefore I continued to pronounce HIV while crying excessively ” His belt had fallen off the bed, and I had the distinct impression that he had entered my room fully clothed before removing his garments on my bed. 
While attempting to arrest the perpetrator, Oladehinde stated that she reported the incident to the police, but that the allegation was dropped after a medical examination determined that there had been no penetration.

She further said that the hotel’s owner blamed her and accused her of lying.
She expressed herself as follows: “When I returned to the police station, the officers indicated they had no problem with the sexual assault because I had not been raped. “The only issue here was my stolen money,” he explained ” The police officers at Zanzibar’s Nungwi Police Station continued to humiliate and harass me. They advised me to leave their police station since I had not been raped and they had certified that the person had not penetrated me… ” The hotel has disabled comments on Instagram, but I’m not going to stop until everyone boycotts this hotel. “I was accused of lying about my experience by the owner and manager.”

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The Zanzibar Tourism Commission investigates the allegation by Nigerian Tourist Zainab Oladehinde. The Tourism Commission expressed its shock and disappointment over the occurrence in a statement released on Sunday.
It did, however, say that an investigation into the event has begun and that it does not tolerate the mistreatment of tourists.
“On 16th April 2022, the Zanzibar Tourism Commission was made aware of a statement made on social media by Ms. Zainab Oladehinde, a Nigerian national, regarding an incident of assault, which is said to have occurred in April 2021 at Warere Hotel in Nungwi, Zanzibar,” according to the statement signed by Hafsa H. Mbamba, Executive Secretary of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism.

“The Zanzibar Commission for Tourism is surprised and dismayed by this situation, and we will investigate these complaints thoroughly.” We’ve started an investigation right away, and we’ll let you know what we find out. “Any harm or danger to our guests to Zanzibar’s calm islands is prohibited.” “We would want to inform our guests that the Ministry of Tourism & Heritage abhors any ill-treatment of any persons on the isles since this is neither Zanzibari hospitality nor the treatment we wish our visitors to experience.”

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