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Man sentenced to life imprisonment for raping friend’s twin girls

On Wednesday, an Ikeja Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Court sentenced Michael Oliseh, a 54-year-old pastor, to life in prison for raping his friend’s 12-year-old twin children.

Oliseh, the assistant pastor of the Anointed Chosen Vessel Ministry in Okota, Lagos, was described by Justice Abiola Soladoye who delivered the judgment. as a “serial rapist” who took turns defiling his friend’s girls. 
She found that the prosecution had proven the defilement accusations against Oliseh beyond a reasonable doubt. “The defendant’s testimony characterized him as a serial rapist who took turns defiling the survivors,” she added.

“What a disloyal and untrustworthy preacher, who had sexual intercourse with his friend’s children who were entrusted to his care in a blatant and bold manner.”

“His behavior is unworthy of a pastor.”

“The defendant is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment for the two crimes for which he was found guilty as charged.”
She stated that the sentences should be served concurrently and that his name should be recorded on the Lagos State Government’s Sex Offenders Register.

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By sending the survivors to remain with the criminal, Soladoye scolded the survivors’ parents for their lack of discipline.

“Parents of the survivors lack discipline and ought not to have sent their children to go stay in Oliseh’s house.

“Children are not to be entrusted with rowdy adults. They should be kept in the hands of responsible adults who have their goodwill at heart.

“The need for responsible parenting cannot be overemphasized,” the judge said.

According to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), five witnesses testified during the trial, and five exhibits were presented.

Oliseh committed the offenses in November 2017 in Ago, near Okota, a Lagos suburb, according to the prosecution counsel, Mrs. Olufunke Adegoke.

According to Adegoke, the defendant defiled the girls after their father entrusted them to him and sent them to the village for burial.

Oliseh then threatened the survivors, claiming that if they told anybody about the sexual encounter, their father would lose his job.

She further said that Oliseh was apprehended by a neighbor after chasing down one of the survivors in the compound and dragging her with her pant.

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