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How to protect your website from hackers

Nothing scares a website owner than losing his website to hackers. This makes it important that you understand how to protect your website from hackers.

Your accumulated years of hard work and diligence go off to the hands of a mischievous fellow. No matter how we try to avoid this growing trend, cases of hacked websites remain one of the menaces that the online community keeps facing.

Malicious attacks and data breaches keep increasing as each passes by, with many companies and startups as victims.

Some hackers believe that it is easier to hack into a small-scale company or a startup because they have little or no knowledge of data security. Sometimes, you could have some little knowledge on how to protect your website from hackers and viruses, but if you fail to implement them, your knowledge is as good as none.

To prevent you from becoming the next victim of a cyberattack, we have provided you with seven steps to protect your website from hackers. In simple terms, we will be showing you practical ways on how to improve website security.

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Seven steps to protect your website from hackers

No website has the assurance of lifetime immunity against hacking and cyber-attacks. Your website is a potential target so you must learn some actionable steps on how to protect your website from hackers.

Here are seven steps on protecting your website from hackers;

· Ensure that your website uses HTTPS

This might sound basic, but HTTPS sites are more secured than HTTP sites. Websites that make use of HTTPS have installed SSL certificates. This provides a high level of encryption for the website and also grants your users a sense of trust in your website.

Websites that make use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) system have advanced security features that include authentication. This prevents the possibility of web eavesdropping, data leakages, or manipulation.

The SSL certificate ensures that the website has strong authentication levels.

While trying to host your new website, ensure that there are provisions for an SSL certificate.

· Stay away from hacked and cracked plugins

It is always advisable that you install security plugins to help you secure your sites, but you must take note of which plugin runs on your website.

Security plugins provide additional security features for websites. This important especially for content management system (CMS) websites.

However, while you are trying to install security plugins, ensure that they are not hacked or cracked versions of the original one. Hacked and cracked versions of plugins grant hackers a backdoor into your website.

· Keep your software updated

Just as it is important to understand which platform houses your website, it is more important to keep your website software up to date.

Updating your website’s software especially if it was built on a CMS eliminates vulnerabilities. Most CMS software are open-sourced programs, this makes their codes easily accessible by everyone on the web. This can be easily used against you if your software is not updated. Updating your software keeps your security definitions up-to-date. This also prevents your site from exploitation.

· Use Super-Strong Passwords

Your website is at high risk if your passwords can be easily guessed. Some web owners assume that securing their websites from hackers involves some high-tech processes, without understanding that basic loopholes make your site vulnerable to attacks.

To develop strong passwords, you could make use of hash calculators to develop strong passwords for your site. Hashing makes it easier to generate strong passwords from common letters. A hash calculator generates a string of passwords which includes letters, numbers, and punctuations. 

You must make your passwords unique and encoded. This includes making use of upper and lower cases, to prevent hackers from easily decoding them. You should include punctuations and symbols that are not easy to guess. Your website is lost the moment a hacker can guess the password to your admin panel.

· Go for standard web hosting companies and plans

Cheap things come easy but they might cost you a ton later. Choose web hosting companies that provide SSL certificates, a 24/7 support system, and advanced security features. A bad web hosting company reduces the runtime of your website. Sometimes, these bad web hosting companies could use your credit and debit card details to your disadvantage.

Be sure to run background checks on web hosting companies that you wish to commit your website to.

· Backup your website’s data

Backing up your website’s data might not prevent a cyber attack but it gives you somewhere to fall back on after an attack. You don’t need to lose everything after an attack. While you devise strategies to improve your website security, you should also provide alternative plans in case things go sore.

· Cloud Migration

As an additional feature to backing up your website’s data, cloud migration is a unique security feature. Storing your data with cloud providers offers a strong security network for your website. Most cloud migration platforms offer their clients data backup services.

Cloud migration will not just protect your website from an attack but will assure your customers and end-users of security.

No customer will want to give out their details to a website that is vulnerable to an attack. However, with cloud migration, you assured them of strong security.

If you have enough resources and funds to spend, you can hire a security expert to oversee the security and performance of your website.


Protecting your website from hackers is a fundamental routine for every website owner. Losing your website to hackers will affect your site’s revenue as funds will be diverted. This could also affect your reputation. There are scenarios where hackers carry out fraudulent actions with hacked websites. They can trade your consumers’ data for cash or manipulate them for advanced levels of cybercrime.

Nevertheless, if you focus on improving your website security, a potential cyber attack will be avoided.

Assure your customers that you are concerned about their safety and watch this turn to your competitive advantage against your competitors in the niche market.

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