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FASHION TRENDS IN EBONYI STATE – Fashion is not just an outfit; it is a statement. A bold statement people make daily with their outfits.

People’s appearance sometimes conveys a message about their personalities such as their lifestyles, values and belief system.

The fashion style of an individual may communicate what they feel inward. How they would want to be addressed and perceived in the society through interactive trappings in their clothes.  

Fashion trends usually come and go. Though fashion trends can be recycled because old fashion sometimes find their way to modern day fashion with a little difference in styles.

The way the society judges or interprets a particular trend in fashion, determines if such trend will last or not.

As a result, the impact is considered by social acceptance which in turn is determined by the people’s cultural value, religious beliefs and behavioral traits.

Fashion trends can be notable in our everyday fashion and haute couture.

The typical mode of style is usually drawn from the fashion trends through modern-day life. Convention of styles, fashion policy concepts developed by fashion designers.

An individual however, combines the existing pattern of styles and their appearance by dressing in a trendy manner.

His/her intention might be to show what is in vogue. And to draw admiration from friends because appearance is an effective form of non verbal communication.

Fashion trend in Ebonyi state
Fashion trend in Ebonyi state

The fashion trends in Ebonyi State depicts an artistic image. And style of dressing that forms the personality of an individual in this locality.

For Ebonyi ladies, there are certain fashion styles which are in vogue, like jogger pants, palazzo pants, Biker shorts, tulle skirt, midi skirt, midi gowns, jumpsuit, romper, lace dress, Ankara dress, etc.

While for Ebonyi men, fashion trends that are obtainable include, two piece caftans, senator suit, Agbada, the isiagu tops, shirts, etc.

Fashion trends in Ebonyi state are derived generally from the recent mode of dressing worldwide. And also the general desire of humans to accomplish the fashion expectations in the society. 

The outlook of these expectations from fashionistas’ in Ebonyi state, is to present the pattern of dressing that befits every occasion in and around Ebonyi State. And to be recognized as a fashionable person who sets standard in the society with their outfits. This fashion trends’ agenda influences the consumers’ choice in terms of dressing in trendy manner. 

Most of these styles have witnessed seasonal growth in the state. And not only have they added on a new aspect of elegance and aesthetic sight in the present-day society.

But have removed few common fabrics and styles that were common fashion styles in the olden day society like the funky styles of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The comfort one feels with jogger pants especially when you want to do away with heavy trousers/pants that gives discomfort cannot be overemphasized.

Even the extremely easy to “don and doff” midi gowns and jumpsuits have all restored and pepped up the modern day look of Ebonyi fashionistas.

Every fashion trend helps enhance the look of individuals to fit in to what is in vogue and enhances what they feel about themselves.

Ebonyi lady on traditional outfit
Ebonyi lady on traditional outfit

Allow me to assert that an individuals’ outlook today definitely influences all aspect of their life. Because most of the people are becoming self cautious of what they wear before stepping out of their homes. Everyone now dresses to give an impression about who they are and to make a statement through their appearance.  

So the fashion trend as can be seen in Ebonyi today is self expressive. Different styles from different people that tend to add more aesthetic impression to the trendy fashion in the society.

Today’s fashion trends unwraps the societal expressions that have not been seen or heard before. But just suggestive of the moment of admiration, which an individual enjoys why showcasing their love for trendy wears.  

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