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Ebonyi state university courses 2021 list

Ebonyi state university courses- List of courses offered in EBSU and their cut off mark 2021

Ebonyi State University (EBSU) is one of the most popular universities in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. EBSU is not only known as a prestigious university in the east because of the quality of education it is believed to offer. In addition, EBSU is a well-sought after university because it is seen as an easier option for admission.

Many students will love to attend Ebonyi State University because they don’t have to struggle hard to secure admission to the school. In addition, you don’t need to hit a ridiculously high Jamb score to gain admission into EBSU.

EBSU assures her students of a conducive learning environment with the different campuses set aside for different faculties.

Nevertheless, before you start building interest in becoming a student of EBSU, you must know the courses they offer. There are always random questions on the web; Does EBSU offer Nursing as a course? Does EBSU offer medicine and surgery? Therefore, every intending aspirant is always eager to know EBSU accredited courses and know which of them is the best shot for them.

This article is tailored to provide you with a detailed list of Ebonyi state university courses. This will include keeping you informed about the EBSU admission requirement for each course.

Ebonyi state university courses 2021

Ebonyi state university courses spread across different undergraduate programs and faculties.

1. Faculty of Medicine

a. Medicine and Surgery

b. Anatomy

c. Physiology

2. Faculty of Health Science and Technology

a. Nursing Science

b. Medical Laboratory Science

3. Faculty of Law

a. Law

4. Faculty of Management science

a. Accountancy/Accounting

b. Public Administration

c. Business Management

d. Marketing

e. Banking and Finance

f. Entrepreneur

5. Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

a. Mass Communication

b. Political Science

c. Economics

d. English Language and Literature

e. Psychology

f. Sociology and Anthropology

g. History and International Relations

h. Philosophy and Religion

i. Language and Linguistics

j. French

k. Igbo

l. Library/ and Information Science

m. Social work

Ebonyi state university courses
Ebonyi state university matriculations students, 2021

6. Faculty of Science

a. Computer Science

b. Applied Microbiology

c. Biochemistry

d. Biotechnology

e. Industrial Chemistry

f. Applied Biology

g. Industrial Mathematics

h. Industrial Physics

i. Geology and Exploration/Geophysics

7. Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management

a. Food Science and Technology

b. Agric. Economics and Management Extension

c. Animal Science

d. Crop and Landscape Management

e. Fishery

f. Soil and Environmental Management

8. Faculty of Education

a. Vocational and Tech. Education

b. Mathematics Education

c. Mech. Metal Technical Education

d. Guidance and Counseling Education

e. Health Education

f. Home Economics Education

g. Human Kinetics Education

h. Igbo Education

i. Biology Education

j. Computer Education

k. Economics Education

l. Electrical/Electronic education

m. English Education

n. Integrated Science Education

o. Education Arts

p. Religious Education

q. Special Education

r. Science Education

s. Agric. Education

t. Building Technology Education

u. Business Education

v. Educational Foundation

w. Education and Administration

x. Chemistry Education

Ebonyi state university courses, and admission quota 2021

Getting admitted into Ebonyi state university goes beyond knowing the accredited courses in the school. It also includes knowing the respectively allocated admission quota for each department and faculty. This will help you know the NUC-approved quota for EBSU. Thus, you can easily understand your chances of getting admission to Ebonyi state university.

EBSU currently handles a NUC-approved admission quota of 5117 students.

This allocation cuts across all departments and faculties in EBSU in this manner;

· Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management – 420

a. Agric Economics, management and extension – 100

b. Food Science and Technology – 120

c. Crop and Landscape management – 50

d. Animal science – 50

e. Soil and environment MGT – 50

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Available Options

a. Animal Science

b. Fishery and aquaculture – 50

· Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS) – 540

a. Public administration – 160

b. Business management – 100

c. Marketing – 70

d. Banking and Finance – 70

e. Accountancy – 110

f. Entrepreneur -30

· Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) – 1168

a. Economics – 170

b. Political Science -160

c. History and International relations – 160

d. Sociology and anthropology – 68

e. Psychology – 68

f. Mass communication – 200

g. Language and Linguistics – 50

h. English language and Literature – 120

i. Igbo Linguistics – 20

j. Philosophy – 40

k. Religious studies – 30

l. French – 30

m. Library and Information – 30

n. Social Work – 30

· Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (FBMS) – 380

a. Medicine and Surgery -110

b. Anatomy – 120

c. Physiology – 150

· Faculty of Law – 160

a. Civil Law – 160

· Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology – 159

a. Medical Laboratory science – 99

b. Nursing science – 60

· Faculty of Sciences – 1130

a. Applied Biology – 80

b. Applied Microbiology – 200

c. Biotechnology – 80

d. Biochemistry – 250

e. Geology – 80

f. Computer Science – 250

g. Industrial chemistry – 100

h. Industrial Physics – 50

i. Industrial mathematics – 40

· Faculty of Education – 1160

1. Arts and Social Science Education

a. Economics Education – 100

b. Social studies education – 50

c. English Education – 100

d. Religion education – 100

e. Igbo Education – 30

f. Special Education – 20

2. Business education

a. Accountancy Education – 40

b. Secretarial Education – 40

3. Educational Foundation

a. Admin and Planning – 80

b. Guidance and Counseling – 30

4. Science Foundation

a. Chemistry Education – 40

b. Computer education – 100

c. Biology education – 100

d. Mathematics education – 35

e. Integrated science education – 25

f. Physics Education – 25

5. Human Kinetics and Health Education

a. Human Kinetics Education – 45

b. Health Education – 40

6. Technology and Vocational Education

a. Elect/Elect Tech. Education – 40

b. Mech. Tech Education – 50

c. Building Tech. Education – 40

d. Woodwork Tech. Education – 40

e. Agric. Education – 30

f. Home Econs. Edu – 30


Getting admission into EBSU might sound so easy but might seem impossible if you fail to do the right thing. This includes choosing the right subject combination for and of the accredited Ebonyi state university courses. In addition, failing to meet up the cut-off mark or admission requirement will also hinder your chances of getting into Ebonyi state university.

The information contained in this article is for general information and entertainment purpose. Kindly report any fake news or false statement by sending an email to us:

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