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Danny Fenster, a US journalist, jailed in Myanmar for 11 years

Danny Fenster, a detained American journalist, was sentenced to 11 years in prison by a Myanmar court on Friday. After being found guilty of various offenses, including incitement for allegedly sharing false or provocative information.

According to lawyer Than Zaw Aung, Fenster, the managing editor of the online journal Frontier Myanmar. Was also found guilty of contacting unlawful groups and breaking visa rules.

Since May, Fenster has been held in custody. He still faces two further counts in a different court for allegedly breaking the counterterrorism laws as well as a treason and sedition statute.

On May 24, Fenster was arrested at Yangon International Airport as he was about to board a flight. To meet his family in the Detroit region of the United States.

Since the army seized power in February, ousting Aung San Suu Kyi’s civilian administration, he is the only foreign journalist to be convicted of a severe felony.

The military-installed administration has repressed press freedom. Closing down nearly all critical outlets and detaining approximately 100 journalists. About 30 of whom are still in custody.

The two further allegations that Fenster’s lawyer claimed had been brought in a separate court in Yangon on Monday are his next challenge.

One of the new charges

According to Than Zaw Aung, falls under a provision of the Counterterrorism Act that carries a sentence of 10 years life imprisonment. The military-installed administration has stated that it will strictly enforce the law. In cases involving opposition groups it considers “terrorist.”

The other charge under the criminal code is treason or sedition, which carries a sentence of seven to twenty years in jail.

The initial three accusations were heard in a court in Yangon’s Insein Prison, where Fenster is imprisoned. They were not open to the press or the general public. Fenster’s lawyer has provided accounts of the proceedings.

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