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Construction of Flyovers in Ebonyi state for easy traffic

Construction of Flyovers in Ebonyi state- With the influx of individuals into Ebonyi state, it becomes necessary that the government of Ebonyi state seeks means to cope with the imminent heavy traffic across major roads.

Some businesses and markets find themselves in strategic locations that will make them inaccessible without a good road network. Nobody loves to take stress trying to patronize a business when they can get the same commodities at the same prices with less stress.

To prevent a scenario where investors and business prospects turn down offers of investing in the state because of minor issues, the governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi goes on to construct good roads, supplementing them with flyovers to ease traffic flow.


Ebonyi state currently ranks as the third state in Nigeria with a lot of flyovers. With an average count of 13 flyovers, spread out in not less than 23 road spans, linking all 13 local governments of the states, including neighboring states like Abia state.

To ensure durability, the Ebonyi state government ensures that its road construction projects are carefully built, passing quality assurance purposes.

These roads are professionally constructed on a concrete or asphalt pavement size of eight inches, spreading across 500- 1500 kilometers.

Although the primary reason for constructing these flyovers is to ease traffic flow, its function goes beyond curtailing traffic congestion.

It goes as far as making the state a cool habitation for settlers and residents. This also makes it a cool spot for investors to mount and carry out their business ideas.

Currently, Ebonyi state houses one of the largest shopping malls in Africa. The mega shopping mall is technically modeled to meet international standards. It houses two floors and penthouses, totaling four floors. It is a replica of one of the best malls in Dubai.

While this might not be possible if the state didn’t have a good road network, the efforts might be in vain if advancements weren’t made to ease traffic flow.

How do Ebonyi state flyovers ease traffic flow?

One of the Flyover bridges in Ebonyi state

• Population Density

Ebonyi state houses over three million people, with 70% of its population scale as youths. This indicates that a greater amount of its population is still active and likely will always be mobile. This poses a logical sense of the argument that the road will always be busy with pedestrians and motorists.

One of the importance of the numerous flyovers in Ebonyi state is to ensure that the growing number of residents in the state does not clash with the free flow of movement in the state.

• As a safer route during bad weather

Roads are usually flooded or waterlogged after rainfall. This poses risks of road accidents to road users. Because of the angle of elevation of flyovers, they are safer routes to travel during these bad conditions.

Waterlogging usually arises from a poor drainage system, bad roads, and ineffective road maintenance. It is possible to repair these roads, but while maintenance plans are in consideration, it’s safer to travel by flyovers.

• Traffic Congestion

The basic need of constructing flyovers is to reduce traffic congestion by streamlining the flow of traffic.

Flyovers help provide multiple pathways for transportation, and easing movements.

Cars have the opportunity of accessing different locations through multiple routes. This is better than always sticking to a single route. 

• Time Saving

Transportation is faster with the help of flyovers. You can easily reach your destination by climbing that smooth cliff, instead of waiting till the roads are free.

• Fuel conservation

Just as the use of flyovers saves time, they also reduce the rate of fuel combustion. You don’t have to burn a lot of fuel waiting for the traffic to go green. You can easily take the path of flyovers to quickly reach your destination.

Although the basic need for the construction of flyovers in Ebonyi state is to ease traffic flow, it has also paved the way for investors and business opportunities.

Recently, Ebonyi state has signed multiple partnerships deals with Silverbird group and computer village association. This will also help to heighten the level of technological development in the state while also empowering startups.

Amidst all these, there are underlying factors that we should consider before the construction of flyovers. 

Construction of Flyovers in Ebonyi state
His Excellency, Governor Dave Umahi inspecting construction project with his team

Factors to consider before constructing flyovers

It is not an undeniable fact that the flyovers in Ebonyi state will ease traffic flow and promote economic activities, could some factors disrupt this intention?

Although flyovers come in the form of elevated roads with many lanes, poor planning in structuring these flyovers will result in more traffic congestion. The construction of flyovers requires strategic planning. This includes understanding where to cite these roads and where not to.

More flyovers will always increase traffic. Residents and travelers will always want to take the faster route during their travels. This might result in congestion on these flyovers if traffic is not regulated.

While road construction can take up many land spaces, ensuring that it achieves its aim is crucial. Pollution and road hazards are other notable factors to consider in the construction of flyovers in Ebonyi state.

Nevertheless, the construction of flyovers in Ebonyi state is a great growth indicator for a booming economy, but it is also important to develop a sustainable road model to regulate events.


It is indisputable that Ebonyi state is swiftly advancing with development. Its speed with mounting infrastructure has gained it the place of the fastest developing state in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

While this is a good sign, there should be regulation of infrastructural activities to avoid clustered environments. Considerations on city planning before mapping out another location for constructing a flyover are important.

Moreover, the speed of completing these projects is a notable call, but the Ebonyi state government must maintain the same energy in preserving these structures.

This also includes handing these projects over to qualified engineers to ensure that there is perfection and quality delivery.

The environmental impact of a failed flyover project is quite disastrous to be seen. This could lead to loss of lives and damage to properties.

Flyovers in Ebonyi state will make the state motorable, and will also support rural development.

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