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Common interview questions and answers

Common interview questions and answers – Are you getting prepared for your job interview and might be thinking about the questions your employer will ask you? Preparation is one of the critical aspects of every interview, and therefore, you should take it seriously.

Most employees usually want to know the type of questions the interviewer will likely ask them.

However, every company has the kind of questions they ask, but there are still common questions every employee should know. Preparing for these common interview questions will boost your confidence, reduce stress and job interview tension. Having an idea of the question the interviewer may likely ask you will also help you to know what to expect from the hiring manager and give you talking points for discussions.

This article will help you discover some of the common interview questions and answers that every job seeker should know.

Tell Me More About Yourself

This question is among the first common interview questions and answers every hiring manager will likely ask. So make sure you get ready to talk

about yourself. The employer wants to know your qualifications, why you’re the right candidate for the job, and why you’re interested in the job.

You have to answer this question without giving out too much or too little personal details. Make your answer direct and professional. Talk about your background, education, hobbies, and motivations. You can also share some relevant experiences you have had in the past.

Common interview questions and answers
The employer wants to know your qualifications

What makes you the best candidate?

Hiring managers usually ask this question to know if you are the best candidate for the position. You

have to focus on the benefits you will bring to the organization or company if hired. Tell them why they should employ you for the job.

Be confident in your answer, direct, and still focus on what you can offer to them. Do not think about the other applicants’ qualifications. Instead, talk about your own. Make sure you read through the requirements and qualifications in the description to understand what they need. By understanding what they need, you can craft an answer in line with what the employer wants to hear.

What motivates you?

This question helps the employer to know how ready you are to work with them and how the role will

motivate you. You have to be direct and concise while answering this question, give a real-life

experience, and state how it relates to the position.

During preparation, get the answers to some of these questions below;

What made you choose your current job?

What motivated you to apply for the role when you saw the job listing?


These few questions are among the common interview questions and answers you should expect for an interview.

Prepare for your interview by getting answers to them. Also, get more information about the company or organization. Finally, practice the common questions and how to present your answers.

These steps will help to build your confidence. Keep the interview session at a conversational level but be professional in doing this. Also, be truthful with your answers. Trying to impress your employer dishonestly might cost you the job. Good luck with the job because they will hire you if you do your home well, as elaborated here. 

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