Thursday, December 8, 2022

Charles Chukwuma Soludo shuts 21 local council secretariats 

Workers in Anambra State’s 21 local councils are being told to remain at home today, following the instruction from Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo that all council secretariats be closed.

Last Monday, the state government, traditional and religious authorities in the South East staged a day of prayer in all churches to celebrate the end of Monday sit-at-home, which will be phased out in April.

According to The Guardian’s investigation, the local council system was shut down as a result of a rumored letter from a faceless organization ordering employees to remain off the job or suffer the consequences.

According to a report by The Guardian, the assassination of a security officer and the burning of two buildings in Nnewi South, followed by the burning of three buildings at Aguata Local Council a few days later, indicate that the local council system has become a target of the attackers.

Charles Chukwuma Soludo

Meanwhile, the governor claims that 85 percent of hoodlums jailed in the state due to insecurity were non-indigenes, with the remaining 15 percent coming from neighboring states.

Charles Chukwuma Soludo, made this revelation after inspecting the arson at the Aguata council secretariat in Ekwulobia. He claimed that armed criminals had been operating as kidnappers, armed robbers, and rapists, among other things, from camps in Aguluezechukwu and Ogboji, in Aguata and Orumba South local councils, respectively, for about two years.

He said that security forces in the state cracked down on them and that they proceeded to set fire to the Aguata council offices.

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To prevent future killings and arson, Soludo ordered municipal personnel to remain away from their offices over the weekend, threatening to shut them down immediately.
Charles Chukwuma Soludo reiterated his commitment to providing amnesty to individuals in the jungle in order for them to become valuable members of society but cautioned that anyone who ignored the offer should be prepared to face the law.

He promised the people of Anambra, in particular, and the southeast zone in general, that peace and stability would be restored.

“Anybody in the bush is a criminal and will be treated as such. We will come after criminals because the people’s power must triumph. We must create a livable and prosperous homeland where peace, security and progress thrive,” Charles Chukwuma Soludo added.

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