Thursday, December 8, 2022



Ebonyi state airport, 8 Economic Importance.

Have you heard rumors about the construction of the Ebonyi state airport? Ebonyi state has been in the spotlight for some positive reasons. One of...

Construction of Flyovers in Ebonyi state for easy traffic

Construction of Flyovers in Ebonyi state- With the influx of individuals into Ebonyi state, it becomes necessary that the government of Ebonyi state seeks...

How to start an agricultural business in Ebonyi state

Ebonyi state is known for a lot of things, with a great concentration of business opportunities. With a wide option of businesses and entrepreneurial...

Business Ideas to Start in Ebonyi State

Ebonyi state has recently been in the spotlight as one of the fastest developing states in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. However, without proper research and having access to the right information, you will end up setting up a business that does match the economic and social status of Ebonyi state and her citizens.

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