Thursday, December 8, 2022

ASUU: UTAS Rejection May Prolong Strike

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU Lagos Zone. Has stated that UTAS’s rejection of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution may prolong the strike.

The strike will not be called off until the government resolves the adoption of UTAS. Executes the renegotiated agreement, and pays all unpaid allowances, according to the union.

The coordinator of ASUU Lagos Zone, Adelaja Odukoya, stated that the UTAS suggested by the union passed the test and quality assurance requirements, scoring 99.3 percent, at a press event conducted at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, on Tuesday.

The refusal, according to Odukoya, was an attempt to play politics with public colleges.

He claimed that the NITDA’s statement criticizing the union’s efforts on the University Transparency and Accountability Solution is incorrect and a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

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He urged Nigerians to join the union in fighting for their rights.

“We, however, wish to draw the attention of all concerned to the National Information Technology and Development Agency’s deliberate misinformation and disinformation of the public on the state of the integrity test and the government’s adoption of the University Transparency and Accountability Solution,” Odukoya said.

As a result:

ASUU is urging the Nigerian public to summon the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Technology Development Authority (NITDA) to order on the basis of integrity. Not to play politics or vendetta with the future of Nigeria and our public universities, which are national treasures and the collective patrimony of all Nigerian citizens. We are confident that the NITDA DG is just interested in carrying out the smear campaign against a Minister whose professional fraud was exposed by our union.

“ASUU wishes to inform you that the current strike action will not be canceled until the government addresses the adoption of UTAS. Implements the renegotiated agreement, and pays all outstanding allowances without prejudice to the $1 million donations to Afghanistan. And addresses all other issues contained in the Memorandum of Action signed by the two parties,” the union said.

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