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Aisha Buhari speaks to presidential aspirants about Women’s political participation

In the general election of 2023, Aisha Buhari, the first lady, advised presidential candidates to choose women as their running mates.

On Saturday, the first lady stated this while hosting iftar for presidential candidates from several political parties.
The event was hosted in the presidential villa’s dining hall.
Aisha remarked at the iftar that given women’s voting power and interest in politics, they should be chosen as running mates in the upcoming elections.

She said…

“In fact, it is high time women are adopted as running mates at all levels, considering their voting strength and active involvement in political processes,” she said.

“As we approach the 2023 elections with greater hope, I am confident that Nigeria will continue to grow from strength to strength on the pedestal of our democratic tenets.”

She also encouraged the aspirants to ensure that the forthcoming elections are free and fair.

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She cited the 2015 elections, in which her husband was elected president, as a suitable precedent to follow in the 2023 elections.

She stated, “It was neither questioned in a court of law nor in a court of public opinion.”

“As a result, the finest end-of-tenure gift that fellow Nigerians can give the first family in 2023 is another free and internationally recognized fair election.”

The first lady had asked the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to guarantee that women be placed in important positions in the party at the APC national women’s conference in January.

According to Aisha Buhari, the participation of women in politics will have a significant impact on the country’s development.

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