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13 Business Ideas to Start in Ebonyi State

Having a business idea is one thing and starting a business in any location in Nigeria can be a tiring task as there are many factors to consider. These factors take into consideration the validity of your business idea, how lucrative it is, your budget, and if the business is in high demand.

Ebonyi state has recently been in the spotlight as one of the fastest developing states in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. However, without proper research and having access to the right information, you will end up setting up a business that does match the economic and social status of Ebonyi state and her citizens.

To offer you clarity, here are the top 13 business ideas to start in Ebonyi state. These ideas could be considered as business opportunities in Ebonyi state as they will turn out to become lucrative businesses if properly carried out.

Top 13 Business Ideas to start in Ebonyi State

  • Sachet Water Production

Although this depends on the area of Ebonyi state that you wish to start up this business, 

Abakaliki, Ebonyi state is popularly known for its calcium-infested waters. Most groundwaters in abakaliki have high levels of magnesium and calcium.

These high levels spread through an index of 326.710.0 for total water hardness at a range of 124-426 mg of Calcium. These levels of hardness which is caused by the pump of calcium and magnesium in groundwaters are also significant in Ishielu and Ikwo.

Setting up a sachet water firm allows you to minister to the needs of Ebonyi people in these regions while making huge profits from the sales.

A sachet water production plant will pose as a lucrative business in Ebonyi state if proper purification is achieved.

  • Rice Farming

Agriculture has been a lucrative business sector for the national economy; contributing immensely to the nation’s GDP.

Ebonyi people are popular with the production and sale of rice. Most times, the sale of these locally made rice usually meets a sense of displeasure from the public because of the standards it failed to reach. This includes producing stone-free rice.

Rice is a major meal in every Nigerian home, massive production of this food should be considered as a nice business in Ebonyi.

  • Transportation

With the construction of good roads in Ebonyi state, Ebonyi people find the roads so comfortable. This opens more business opportunities in Ebonyi state in line with the transportation sector.

Setting up a transportation company in Ebonyi state wouldn’t be a bad idea. The sale and importation of vehicles and tricycles should be considered as a good business in Ebonyi state.

You could advance to have a fleet of cars riding for you, or you could go digital by introducing your e-cab driving service in Ebonyi state, just like Taxify, Uber, or Bolt.

  • Cassava Production

Agriculture cannot be overlooked in the world’s sector. Cassava production plays a great role in the provision of garri, or chips. An advanced level of processing will produce ethanol, syrup, or beer.

Products like starch and flour are also amazing products for sale.

  • Mining

Ebonyi state is an amazing state blessed with numerous gems and raw materials. You can start a licensed mining company in Ebonyi state and harness the profits that come from it.

  • Raw Material Processing

With the presence of raw materials like limestone, Salt, lead, crude oil, and natural gas, you could build companies that will transform these raw materials into finished products. 

  • Real Estate

With the rising population of individuals in Ebonyi state, the Real estate should be seen as a nice business in Ebonyi. Real properties like lands and houses can be sold, resold, or rented. 

House rental service is a lucrative business in Ebonyi state, as many residents are to relocate to a better accommodation than they can afford.

  • Cinema/Viewing Centre

Relaxation and fun is a major factor that keeps a city bubbling. Opening a cinema or viewing center is a lucrative business in Ebonyi state. Great business opportunities in Ebonyi state are considered according to how relative they are to the citizens and inhabitants of the state.

People will be glad to pay a little amount of money to spend their evening watching movies, sports, or even wrestling.

  • Business Center/Cyber Café

Ebonyi tops as one busy state with lots of legal enterprises and institutions. There are lots of schools, offices, banks, etc. There will always be a need to print documents, photocopy, scan, browse and research.

Opening a business center or cyber café ranks as one of the best business opportunities in Ebonyi state.

  • Tailoring

A strategic location is all you need to transform a regular business opportunity in Ebonyi state into a lucrative one.

Everyone needs good cloth, but people will only locate you if you are accessible.

  • Restaurant Business

Meal preparation and its sale will remain a lucrative business in Ebonyi state or any state in Nigeria. People always have a swift deadline to meet, most are always mobile and hurrying up to meet up with a function.

A quick stop by the roadside to devour a meal is all they need to get going.

  • Auto Repair Shop

Cars require maintenance, making the repairman a valuable asset to the people. Setting up an auto repair shop should be seen as one of the profitable business opportunities in Ebonyi state.

  • SuperMarket

The world is going digital, adapting to modern trends of doing things. To some, a supermarket serves as a quick and hygienic market spot, to another, it could be a nice spot for sightseeing and relaxation.

A perfectly cited supermarket is an amazing business option in Ebonyi.


There are numerous business Ideas to start in Ebonyi state, but it all boils down to proper market research, cost analysis, and projected returns, this will help you understand what business opportunity is suitable for any part of Ebonyi state.

A detailed business plan should be developed and proper analysis should be carried out before investing in any business opportunity in Ebonyi state.

This analysis must include taxation or any additional cost that may arise in the course of running the business.

The information contained in this article is for general information and entertainment purpose. Kindly report any fake news or false statement by sending an email to us:

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