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10 fun things to do in Ebonyi state

Wondering about fun things to do in Ebonyi ?

Ebonyi state which is the salt of the nation has recently grown to become one of the most sought-after states. This arose because of the availability of lots of relaxation centers, tech hubs, and government enterprises. This makes a lot of individuals all over the nation asking questions like; Is Ebonyi state beautiful, all trying to figure out popular tourist attractions in Ebonyi state.

The increase in the desire to visit Ebonyi has grown because of the infrastructural development of the state, and the presence of beautiful scenes around the state.

Coming to Ebonyi state is a pleasant decision to make as there are lots of funs to catch, events to participate and assurance of light, security, and traffic-jam-free roads.

Ebonyi state is a mix of different cultures, making it an amazing home for cultural integration and diversity. However, a little guide will help you map out a good course on how you want to enjoy your stay in Ebonyi state.

This guide offers you a list of 10 fun things to do in Ebonyi state.

How can I have fun in Ebonyi?

Ebonyi is a great place to visit with friends and family. You can decide to take up a date, or a vacation with your lover in the state, or just enjoy a quiet time, relaxation in the state. There are lots of fun things you could do in Ebonyi, but if you wouldn’t want to skip any interesting event, here are 10 fun things to do in Ebonyi state.

· Play Golf

One of the fun things to do in Ebonyi state is to join a golf club. Ebonyi state has one of the best golf courses in Nigeria. This includes a serene environment, a large and wide landscape, and a unique environment that is a good fit for the game.

Your visit to Ebonyi state shouldn’t end without you competing with fellow golf players.

Ebonyi state’s golf course is located in Ezza Road, Abakiliki. 

· Visit a Hotel

There are numerous hotels in Abakiliki. Ranging from five-star hotels to affordable hotels and resort home, there are lots of cool spots to chill and enjoy the vibe.

You can take a quick view of the best hotels in Ebonyi state for 2021, and have an idea of which hotel catches your interest and meets your budget.

· Visit a beach

Beaches are an ideal relaxation center. There are numerous beaches in Ebonyi state and a visit to one is a fun way to go. There are beaches scattered across different local governments in Ebonyi state, all you have to do is to pick any of the cool spots that are around your vicinity and enjoy the serene nature of a sand beach.

· Eat a local food 

Ebonyi is a blend of rich culture and this is not absent in their local delicacies. Different local government areas and villages in Ebonyi state are known for different local meals. These meals are not only nutritious but also an enjoyable serving for visitors.

· Spend time at the amusement park and other relaxation centers

Visitors in Ebonyi state are usually recommended to visit the amusement park. This center serves as a recreational location for kids, and families.

Ebonyi state Shoprite and the Ebonyi state shopping mall, including numerous private enterprises around are also good relaxation centers in the state. You could decide to see a movie, go shopping, play games, or just relax and enjoy the environment.

· Rock Walk: Go for a stroll on the rocks

Ebonyi state is always known for its rocky topography. You could visit rocky locations like Afikpo south, and Izzi Local government area, to have a tour around the rocks. Rock walks are fun to engage in but your safety is also essential while you take walk around rocky areas.

· Spend time in a cave

Caves give you the ancient feel of nature. A visit to the Amanchor Cave is a big up to your fun activity in Ebonyi state. Amanchor serves as one of the best tourist attractions in Ebonyi state.

· Visit a lake and stream

Ebonyi state is known for having clear and salty waters. There are numerous streams around Ebonyi state. Ranging from Abakiliki to other local government areas around the state, there is a lake or stream to swim and dive through.

· Visit a raw material site

Comparing Ebonyi state to most southeastern states in Nigeria, it ranks as one of the states with the largest reserve of raw materials. This includes raw materials like Limestone, Lead, and Tin.

Nkalagu which is the site for Limestone is one of the most popular raw material sites in Ebonyi state.

· Spend time in a rice mill

Rice production is one of the booming businesses in Ebonyi state. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the bliss of visiting a rice mill or farm and having a close view of how things are done there.

Fun facts about Ebonyi state

Ebonyi state is well known for lots of historical events and fun facts. These fun facts make visitors want to experience or have a view at some of these events and centers.

Some fun facts about Ebonyi state include;

· Atlantic Slave Trade Market in Ebonyi State

· Ogbodu Conical Mound

· Numerous Waterfalls and Springs

These places could serve as tourist attractions in Ebonyi state can serve as fascinating places to see in Ebonyi state. 


There are lots of fun things to do in Ebonyi State that you can try out on your first visit to the state. Everyone has a distinct choice of what they will love to try out. However, whatever your choices may be, a tour around the state will open you up to numerous things you can try out in the state.

Fun activities in Ebonyi state could cut across an indoor game, a visit to a popular restaurant, or a taste of one of the nice freshly baked bread from one of the best bread factories in Ebonyi state.

Nevertheless, the entirety lies in your relaxation, pleasure, and satisfaction.

The information contained in this article is for general information and entertainment purpose. Kindly report any fake news or false statement by sending an email to us:

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